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This Side Music

The label is all about expressing the ongoing need to release material, from talented local & international artists, that would possibly never find a way to getting published. The sound is electronic; definitely. The tempo varies. All good things thrown in. This Side Music has two divisions. Up & Down. This Side Up will host sounds created with the dancefloor in mind. It may be tech house, electro, techno, deep house, breakbeat or whatever sounds interesting to our ears. This Side Down will be the playground for more quirky, off-beat, imaginative or moody sounds. Dub, electronica, idm, ambient and even oriental sl-eazy listening are the tastes we are after, aiming to present the most interesting of a repertoire.

Our goal is to promote people that make music with a soul, not with a mainstream concept in mind. We are looking for persons who find our project interesting and believe that can contribute to it. Above all is the spirit of a community on ...this side.

We also like specials. From time to time, cd-compilations will be issued, and promos will be sent out. So, sign in for our mailing list and get notified on time! Plus you get access to subscribers-only releases, and upfront stuff!

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This Side Music
by Aku Aku & Rivo
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This is the next step for This Side Down, a collaboration with two new artists, Aku Aku from Germany and Rivo from The Netherlands, providing us with a split single. Ten minutes of deepness, two mellow masterpieces that derive from simplicity to provide you with euphoria. Listen to them and feel whatever distance getting smaller... Track 1 w+p by Aku Aku, 2007, Berlin, Germany Track 2 w+p by Rivo, 2007, Rotterdam, The Netherlands Mastered by Dimitri Barnias 2008, Crete, Greece
Topic: minimal, techno, downtempo
This Side Music
by Lagos
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Lost in the digital avenues of mixing and mastering, the "Galaxy Brotherhood EP" wandered all summer in our heads and now found its way, with a crystal clear sound, into your ears! Moody yet dreamy, mystical and intense, the trippy soundscapes of Lagos are beautifully matched with idm/breakbeat distorted rhythms and haunting melodies to create the 10 minutes of music that mark the start for 'This Side Down'... All tracks w+p by Manolis Lagoudakis 2007, Crete, Greece. Mastering by...
Topics: idm, electro, downtempo